Google Adwords Advanced Display certification exam

El Examen de Display de Google Adwords consta de 88 preguntas que deberás resolver en dos horas. Tendrás que sacar mas de un 70% de las preguntas bien para poder aprobar el examen. Al igual que otros exámenes, tiene una validez de un año. Lo puedes hacer tanto en inglés como en Español.  A continuación muestro cuales son los temas más importantes a tratar en el examen.

  • Display ads on the Google Display Network
  • Understanding the value of display and the Google Display Network
  • About the Google Display Network
  • Google Display Network and YouTube on computers, mobile devices, and tablets
  • The value of display advertising on the Google Display Network
  • Benefits for brand and direct response advertisers
  • Media purchase options on the Google Display Network
  • Display inventory and ad formats on the Google Display Network
  • Plan a Google Display Network Campaign
  • The value of planning ahead
  • How to plan a display campaign
  • About enhanced campaigns
  • Using your upgraded ad extensions
  • Best practices for direct response campaigns
  • Create your ads
  • Ad Formats for The Google Display Network
  • Using the Display Ad Builder
  • Best Practices for Display Ads
  • Display Ad Policies
  • Implement a campaign
  • Create a new campaign
  • Target your campaign
  • Bidding features on the Display Network
  • Setting bid adjustments
  • Measure performance
  • Understanding Campaign Performance
  • Running AdWords Reports
  • Optimize and refine
  • Introduction to Refining and Optimizing
  • Advanced Google Display Network Optimization Features
  • Additional Google Display Network Tools

También me gustaría mostraros algunas preguntas prácticas de cuando yo lo hice.

1-Why it beneficial to include a in the same ad group as an image ad when advertising on the google display network
• text ads do not perform as well on the google display network
• image ads no not perform as well on the google display network
• it ensures one of the ad formats will win the auction and show on a publisher site
• it ensures maximum coverage, as some publisher do not accept all ad formats.
2- When using cost-per acquisition (CPA) bidding, ad advertiser bids using a maximum CPA pays by
• click
• viewthrough
• impression
• conversion
3-Managed placement allow advertisers to
• exclude a specific ad unit on a network page where there are multiple ad units
• bid differently for specific placement for them and set industry appropriate bids
• give google the ability to select placements for them and set industry appropriate bids.
• target relevant placements across the entire google display network based on their keyword lists
4- Select all the apply. Ads on youtube can run on:
• the youtube homepage
• videos a part of the youtube partnership program
• claimed copyrighted content
• any video uploaded into youtube
5- Select all that apply. When fine tuning as in-stream video campaign a best practice for an advertiser is:
• use remarketing to increase brand exposure
• have a clear call to action within the ad and select colors and fonts to match the brand
• to direct traffic to the ad´s brand channel or the site with additional video content, rather than a text only site
• use keyword targeting for the campaign, rather than placement targeting
6- Select all that apply: display ads via Adwords are eligible to show on:
• the google display network
• youtube search pages
• youtube homepage
• youtube watch pages
7-Which report should advertisers run to see which google display network properties displayed their ads and view associated statistics?

• reach and frequency
• placement performance
• impression share
• ad performance

8- Why is it recommended to separate display network campaigns from search network campaigns?
• separate campaigns allow for more accurate location targeting
• different campaigns settings may be more effective on different networks
• higher bids are required to be successful on the google display network
• lower Clickthrough rates(CTRS)on the google display network can negatively affect quality score

9-True or false: video search behavior is different than traditional searching behavior
• true
• false
10-On schedule indicator (OSI)is:
• the percent likelihood the campaign will deliver all clicks booked
• the percent likelihood the campaign will deliver all impressions booked
• the predicted time when the campaign will deliver all the impressions
• the predicted time when the campaign will deliver all clicks

11-True or False: An advertiser can target mobile apps via AdWords.
A) True
B) False
12-When using cost-per-acquisition (CPA) bidding, an advertiser bids using a maximum CPA and pays by:
A) Impression
B) Click
C) Viewthrough
D) Conversion
13-An advertiser wants a display ad to be eligible to appear on YouTube. The advertiser has already created a campaign set to show only on managed placements within AdWords. What process does this advertiser need to follow for the ad to be eligible to appear on YouTube?
A) Create a campaign that targets other video sites on the Google Display Network.
B) Select specific user-generated content on YouTube where the ads will appear.
C) Create a 160×600 ad and add YouTube specific keywords to the ad group.
D) Select or specific sections within YouTube where the ads will appear.
14-Jackie is an advertiser that wants to target by using both Remarketing and Product Listings. What is the best targeting strategy for Jackie to execute this?

A) Create two ad groups: one targeted to “Display – Remarketing” and the other targeted to “Search Product Listings’.

B) Create one campaign targeted to both “Display – Remarketing” and “Search – Product Listings’ .
C) Create one ad group targeted to both “Display – Remarketing” and “Search – Product Listings’ .
D) Create two campaigns: one targeted to “Display – Remarketing” and the other targeted to “Search Product Listings”.
15-If an advertiser chooses to run ads in image or video formats, Google will:

A) Charge an additional fee to serve these ads.

B) Display these ads on the Google Display Network.

C) Require that cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) bidding be used.

D) display these ads on the Google Search Network.

16-Which report is helpful when using Site and Category Exclusions?
A) Ad Group Report
B) Campaign Report
C) Placement Report
D) Keyword Report
17-Which bidding option is best suited for an advertiser focused on branding goals?
A) Effective cost-per-thousand impressions (eCPM)
B) Cost-per-click (CPC)
C) Cost per acquisition (CPA)
D) Cost-per-thousand impressions
18-Christina is an advertiser that wants to drive traffic to her site, has return on investment goals, and is already using AdWords Conversion Tracking. Which bidding strategy is best for Christina?
A) Cost-per-view (CPV)
B) Cost-per-click (CPC)
C) Cost-per-impression (CPM)
D) Cost-per-day (CPD)
19-An advertiser is running a placement-targeted campaign on YouTube, and is consistently reaching the daily budget for the campaign. The advertiser is also receiving conversions at the desired cost per conversion. Based on this information, the advertiser should:
A) Decrease the cost-per-click bid.
B) Increase the campaign’s budget.
C) Decrease the campaign’s budget.
D) Target a specific demographic
20-An advertiser using cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) bidding wants to maximize exposure on a specific set of sites that have been selected for a new campaign. Which is a best practice that this advertiser should employ when setting up the new campaign?
A) Choose websites that represent a variety of themes.
B) Create a campaign for each website.
C) Set individual bids for each website selected

D) Set bids at the ad group or campaign levels.
21-A direct response advertiser is primarily interested in generating conversions from a display campaign. To get the best return on investment, this advertiser should use:

A) cost-per-day (CPD).
B) cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) bidding.
C) Conversion Optimizer.
D) Ad Scheduling.
22-Which video format is charged using cost-per-view (CPV) pricing?
A) TrueView Video Ads
B) Homepage Masthead unit
C) Homepage Expandable Masthead unit
D) InVideo Ads
23-Which of the following metrics is typically most important in measuring a direct response advertiser’s performance on the Google Display Network?
A) Conversions
B) Impressions
C) Clicks
D) Clickthrough Rate (CTR)
24-Which is a video ad that can be implemented using AdWords for Video?
A) Homepage Expandable Masthead unit
B) TrueView Video Ads
C) Homepage Masthead unit
D) In Video Ads
25-What is the best definition of Google display advertising?
A) Image ads that appear on the Google Display Network.
B) Non-text ads that use images, Flash, video or other technologies, and appear alongside Display Network sites or search results…
26-Which is a method for evaluating performance that is only available for display ads created with the Ad gallery?
A) Transaction rate
B) Funnel Visualization report
C) Mouseover Rate
D) AdSense reports in Google Analytics
27-Which is a unique benefit of creating a separate campaign that is only targeted to the Google Display Network?
A) Allocate budget and control spend more effectively across campaigns.
B) Set specific maximum cost-per-click (CPC) bids for automatic placements.
C) Set a separate Display Network bid at the ad.
28-An ad’s Quality Score on the Google Display Network will affect:
A) the Quality Scores for the keywords in that ad group.
B) whether an ad is eligible to enter the ad auction
C) the Quality Score for the same ad…
29-True or False:
Auction bidding is not a concern for advertisers using reservations, as these placements are a fixed a price.
A) True
B) False